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Prevention Pre-Amputation Rehabilitation & Home

This website is for people with limb loss (and their families) and the professionals supporting them through this life changing event. Find information about prevention, pre-amputation, post-amputation and going home after an amputation. Connect with other people with limb loss and share your story and find out about a variety of support services (e.g. emotional, financial, and others) available for you and your family in Oxfordshire.


Personal Stories

No one should go through limb loss alone! See how others have overcome difficulties and continue to fulfil their potential.

Share Your Story

Inspire and help others by sharing your story with us.


Services Available

Access information about public and private services that could support you in different stages of your care pathway.

A young amputee, Andrew, talks about his experience and the importance of knowing about all these services in one place.

PATHWAY STAGES (for Oxfordshire)


Most amputations caused by disease are preventable! Learn how to look after your feet/legs when you are predisposed to complications from conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease and septicaemia.


What happens when the decision is taken (with or for you) to amputate your leg? How will the decision be taken? What will happen in the immediate future? What services are likely to be involved?.


Everyone needs rehabilitation whether fitted with a prosthetic limb or not. Find out what is likely to happen at this stage and who you can contact.

At Home

The prospect of going home after surgery can be daunting. How will you adapt? Who will be there to help? Find out about the services you can contact.



Access reliable, high quality evidence-based practice information from professionals across various disciplines involved in the limb loss care pathway. Search for contact details, referral forms and downloadable material within Oxfordshire.

Resources Index

Find a variety of quality articles which support evidence-based practice across the care pathway.

Get in Touch

Share your accomplishments and expertise with other professionals across the limb loss care pathway by contacting us.